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Why Starting a Business Is Your First Step toward Staggering Wealth

Start a Business for Wealth

by Michael Sexton

If you take a look at the Forbes 400 List of Wealthiest Americans, you will see that virtually every person on the list got there by being an entrepreneur. From Bill Gates to Warren Buffet to Michael Dell to our own Donald J. Trump, the truth is self-evident. People get rich by starting their own businesses. Some of the people on the list started companies when they were young, some started them when they were a little older. But nearly all of them took that first step toward monumental wealth by starting a company.

More and more people today know that they can't get rich by working for someone else. In fact, a survey conducted jointly by the credit card firm Capital One and Consumer Action reports that 40 percent of all Americans dream of starting their own businesses.

Forty percent - that's an impressive statistic. The top reasons those people wanted to start companies were:

"To do what I want to do"
"To be my own boss"
But that survey also contains one troubling finding:

Fully 55 percent of the people who wanted to start a business stated that they didn't know what was involved in "getting a small business off the ground."

They said they didn't know enough about:

Taxes and legal issues
Writing a business plan
Finding the support and information they needed to be successful
So what should you do if you have that entrepreneurial hunger to start a company, yet fear that you will blow it because of critical holes in your knowledge?

Well, you have to talk to people who have succeeded, read everything you can, learn everything you can and acquire critical skills. I'd like to assure you, you've found the right learning community in Trump University. Be sure to check out our many offerings that can give you critical entrepreneurial skills fast, such as our powerhouse Entrepreneurship Mastery Program.

Out there, maybe in the year 2015 or so, there's a blank spot available on the Forbes 400 List of Wealthiest Americans. They're holding it for you and you can start to write your name there today, by acquiring the critical knowledge you need to succeed.

Michael Sexton is President of Trump University.

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