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Leukemia Tragedy or Tragedies.


Dear All,

I am writing from Oklahoma City and am married to Terencio Alviola and know Marites and would like to pass along what I have read about leukemia. And that is, there is an herbal supplement called "pau d'arco" among some its names. The best quality of this supplement is from the inner bark of a tropical tree that grows in South America. Perhaps it also grows in the Philippines. The scientific name is Tabebuia or Tecoma impetiginosa. Another name for this plant is Lapacho. It has several names. Without going to further explanations for its names, I have a four-page article about it, and among its other virtues, it is said to heal leukemia. There is a story in the article from a doctor who used it successfully to heal a six-year-old girl. But there are a number of herbal remedies that heal cancer and leukemia. Lapacho will benefit a number of cancers, but not all, but leukemia was one of the illnesses it healed.

Olive leaf extract is said to have powerful properties to eliminate viruses, bacilli, fungi, and colon parasites. Did you know that a well-known woman doctor, Dr. Hulda Clark, who was driven out of the United States because she healed 100 cancer patients, made the remark that she did not have a single cancer patient who did not have colon parasites? How many doctors do you know who tell their patients to take a parasite cleaning? How many of us eat pork? The only sea foods that are not scavengers, who have the parasites are fish with scales and fins. There was another woman doctor who appeared on television here who stated that the only way to kill all the parasites in pork is to burn it to a cinder. There is, according to a report in Anti- Aging Manual by James Marion, an encyclopedia of herbal information, backed with research information, that olive leaf extract has killed every kind of dangerous organism known, that all have gone down from it, and there are no known side effects. It also does not hurt beneficial intestinal flora. By the way, from the last report on Doctor Hulda Clark, in Mexico, she had healed 1000 cancer patients. I do not know what her methods are.

What I am saying, is that you have at your fingertips in your own country the resources to heal dangerous maladies, some of your mountain tribes probably know of such healing methods, but you have dedicated people who are able and willing to use your own natural resources and are not hampered by our people by evil political meddling from Big Pharma and our FDA who only care for the selfish vested interests and their deep pockets.

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