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Credit Cards? Read this before you can have one

Credit Card

In today’s world, we tend to be closer than ever to each other regardless of location. Cyberworld as what we call it, global world or community is what we have right now. Right now you can see your loved one face to face in real time online or the internet, and not only that but through 3G telephone calls.

Really for the passed last century a lot of things had happened. Who would think that we can have all these new age technologies? Many things were sprouting this century. From space exploration to medicine and human achievements are numerous to count. There was a prediction before that stuff could be purchased without cash. Nobody believes it but it's happening right now. As what they say that there are pros and cons of human achievements like nuclear invention can be good or bad. It is up to us to balance and think over before we do any further steps to care our mother Earth or destroy it.

In the world of merchandising there are lots of inventions also like the money compounding which some billionaires said is the most important invention in this century a human kind had done. Electronics and computers have done many contributions to the world which makes almost of the systems working faster and systematic. In the banking system, the invention of Credit Card was welcome and accepted by all.

Here are some of the benefits of using credit cards:

• You can use it to pay anywhere in the world.

• Cashless, convenient and you will not carry check or another form of money.

• If you have no money you can use it to do credit both online and offline by just swiping or giving your card information and pay it every month until you finish paying the balance.

• You can use it for an emergency. If you don’t have cash and there is an emergency, the hospital will automatically admit you without a lot of interrogations about your financial capability.

• When you borrow money from the bank they will usually look for records of loans or anything which will be the basis of approving your loans.

• Using the internet to order or buy, the credit card is the most convenient and usually the only way the website allowed doing the payment processing.

• Using your card you can pay bills on the ATM machines and more.

Here are some of the disadvantages of using or having a credit card:

• You tend to borrow too much and you will have a hard time paying for it. That is why some of the financial gurus said that you only have to maintain one credit card and select the best company which gave good deals. A lot of people are suffering from this problem and paying to much debts plus the interest. Control your urges. Think first before using your credit card. Use it to your advantage. Don’t forget to pay your monthly amortization.

• You might be scammed if you will use it online. Just be sure that the site you will be used to order has a padlock sign or it is SSL short for server secured link if I am not mistaken. Don’t order via a link which is forwarded to you through emails. Type the URL of the site in the internet browser. Don’t give all your personal information.

If you are really interested in getting one credit card try CitiGroup, they issue MasterCard, visa, diner’s club international, American Express, and Discover. They have a competitive price too much.

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