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Emails Do's and Don't

Emails Do's and Don't

My friend was a victim of internet fraud. His account was hacked and used by other person as their identity. You need not to be an expert in computer or in internet to protect your privacy but a little common sense.

Here are some tips on how to protect your privacy in the cyberworld:

1. If you are working in a company, don’t use your company emails account to send message to anyone. Use freebie account like yahoo, hotmail or gmail if it okay to your firms. If you will use public email account your private message will stay private to your employer. They are less or none seen all by your company.

2. If you are receiving group emails and the principal sender ask you to reply, remove the others before you response. This will protect their privacy and give them security.

3. If you are sending to a lot of people who does not know to each other, use Bcc instead of CC. A lot of spammers will collect email addresses on this. Bcc stands for Blind carbon copy.

4. Make your letters readable and with style. Making your paragraph using bold letters is annoying to your readers.

5. Clean forwarded emails when you receive one. Some of the original content are lost in the sea of comments.

6. Don’t forget to put an auto response when you are not in the office informing them that you are out and maybe in vacation. This will tell the person who sent emails to you that you are polite enough and will not wait for your response promptly.

I hope you get some tips here on how to use your email account.
By the way don’t click any link in your emails to divert you to other site especially when you are using your credit card online. They might be a hacker and will steal your personal information.

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