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Hair Treatment by Fellermedical

One of my fears of getting old is of course losing hairs, though they said that it is a crowning glory to be bald but I think it differently. Many men to be honest are more concern about looks than women, this is a fact but denied by us of male gender. Regardless of what your profession is, lets admit it look is very important specially in show business and any business where sales is involved. You need to look good and persuasive to be on the top.

Many people have tried different ways to cure baldness but the bottom line is if you have that heriditary hair problem then you will loss those crowning glory sooner or later. As of now there is no exact reason for this problem. Heriditary is of course one of the culprits while vices and other environmental influences adds to the problem of getting bald.

Some of my friends have tried herbal shampoo and conditioner like Alo Vera, coconut milk, and other plant extract. It might work to some individuals but not to others. The herbal will just delay the baldness process but will not stop the problem. The other way is to wear a wig or transplant a hair in your scalp. I have heard a lot of surgery every now and then but some of the complain is how it looks and how they were done. Until I heard about this Clinic called Fellermedical. They provide hair surgery by Dr. Feller himself so you could assure of the good service. He will do the consultation, and the good news is it is affordable because they don't advertise but by word of mouth or referral system. If you want learn more about his technique just visit Feller Medical for more details, I am sure you will be delighted. One of my friends who had a problem went to New York from Toronto to try his service and he was satisfied by the result. It looks so natural that you could not notice the difference from natural hair.

Some of the patients have their stories to tell about their experience in the operation. Here are the testimonials: http://www.fellermedical.com/Patient%20Stories.htm.

You can also view the video of the transplant operation here: http://www.fellermedical.com/Videos.htm

You can contact them at http://www.fellermedical.com/Contact_Us.htm

The clinic have top ten reasons why you should choose their New York clinic for Hair transplant.

But as what Donald Trump said "Brain is more important than looks", and I agree with him.

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