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How important is life insurance?

Honestly nobody knows what tomorrow brings. Many of us are not aware about the problem we will be facing in the future. I always hear the phrase “come what may” which is wrong!!! Your future should not be ignored. We just let the day pass by without thinking of emergency that will suddenly surprise us unprepared. If only I knew that it will happen! If only I listened to some advise! You can not bring back yesterday.

Some of the people are discouraged to invest in things which are not tangible. I actually name my blog as “health and wealth” because I believe that both are interrelated. It is very hard to be healthy when your wallet is empty. Aside from having a business and salary I encourage everyone to invest personally for themselves. You need to prepare for your old age life when you retire and can not work anymore.

Personally I have my own pension plans aside from the one which is provided by the government through monthly contribution. I also invest in mutual funds and stocks. Don’t you know that according to study, USA will spend big portion of budget for the caring of their senior citizen in the near decades to come? By that time caring for the old will be very expensive due to the fact that manpower for nursing is few. One of the most important to consider is Life Insurance aside from pension plans. This is a necessity for everyone. When you pass away, your relatives or children will not mourn for the expenses of the burial, because you prepared for it financially. Start early as possible so you save a lot of money. In investment, the earlier the better, it will take a lot of time to compound your investment.
Today not all insurance company requires everyone to pass for medical examination before they will grant or approved your application. There are some companies who will accept you without medical qualifying examination.

The benefits also vary from non-smokers to smokers individuals. But recently the difference between the two has shrunk dramatically due to the fact that a quarter of population in the world are smokers. You can apply online for quotation depending on your needs. A friendly representative will contact you and explain the policy base on your requirement. There are lots of company who cater this service, you can opt for others if you know some.

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