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How to lose weight naturally and permanently?

How to lose weight naturally and permanently?
Obesity is one of the serious problems our younger population facing today. It might not be an alarming problem as it seems to be but it is. It may lead to a lot of health problems like heart attack, hypertension and other internal organs failure.

Let us start from the very beginning what really triggers people to become obese. It is very clear that having a lack of discipline and knowledge of proper foods intake is the main culprit.
A child as early as possible must be taught about diet and to love himself in order to control his appetite; to overcome this problem later in his life. He should have this foundation. You have to educate him about health and hygiene so that he will build a habit of eating the right kind of foods and cleaning his face and body. Some of the reasons in these disorders are depression, withdrawal from public and too much love, society norm and etc. Other causes are more on hereditary and health problem. You can tell your child about the disadvantages of being fat like difficulty in breathing, sitting, running and being laugh at. In return, he will force himself to watch his food intake, and be conscious about his appearance. There is a saying that thin is in. I am not discrimination obese people but to encourage them to love their bodies which are a gift from God.

The best remedy for this problem is to focus on changing habits especially in eating. You have to change what you are used to eat like fatty foods such as burger, hotdogs, caffeinated drinks, sugar, cakes, chocolates and etc. Replace them with moderate foods rich in fiber like fruits, cereals and vegetables. Avoid fatty foods, sugar, to much carbohydrates and salts. Take them in small amount. Take plenty of water before meals to feel full. It might take you a year to loss a lot of weight but this is the healthy way and natural. It will not jeopardize you life. Drugs and other diets are very hard to follow though will give you an abrupt result in return; they are very risky like what happened to Anna Nicole Smith and other famous celebrities.

Patience plus a daily one hour excise will help the process. Moving your body like playing, gardening and doing house chores are preferable because they will make you happy without knowing that you are exercising too. Engage yourself in sports with friends. Losing two or one pound a week is normal.

When you are dieting, it is better to eat three times a day with small amount of foods than to escape meals. It will crave you more and will spoil your diet plan. You need also to clean your refrigerator so not to tempt for foods inside or replace them with fruits. If you are working and need to eat outside it is better to bring your own lunch. Avoid drinks except water. Ask medical advice from a doctor who is expert in obesity. You also have to do a research which herbs or foods that facilitate you in losing weight. There are lots of them like what Donald Trump Chief Cook in Mar-a-Lago beach is offering. To be successful you need to do the impossible. No guts no glory.

Honestly if you are fat but then you feel comfortable and healthy with what you are then it is okay. Remember all human being are not equal thought we all born equal.

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Jen said...

One of the best things I ever did to help me lose weight healthily and naturally was see a nutritionist. I live in the DC area and found Robyn Webb, who is really awesome, but if you type "certified nutritionist" into Google for your area, a list will come up. I didn't know a lot about food, nutrition, or cooking, and it was the best way I could have learned. Trust me, I tried everything! Good luck. :)

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