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Smelling Food Could Speed Aging


I have read an article about “smelling food could shorten your life”. Do you think this is reasonable? Base on the study on animals like rats and flies, they actually reduced 20% of their life expectancy. So plugging your nose could extend your life expectancy.
I could not imagine that having too much food could shorten your life. This will lead us to realize that a lot of health problems are the result of bad habits like eating too much.

Eating too much food which is not good for our body. It can cause a problem like heart attack, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and so on.

I live two places in our province at the same time where we have a farm in the mountain and a house in the city and every now and then I go back and forth from those two posts. I observed that those who live in the mountain are healthier than those in the city. Of course, the foods they eat are different. In the city, they eat pork and beef while in the mountain since they are poor can only afford fish and rice. True, the mortality rate in the city is higher than in the mountain. The health problem in the mountain is fever, malaria and sometimes ulcer but in the city, the problems are the heart attack, hypertension, diabetes, cancers and other malignant illnesses.

The correct weight is not to exceed 30% of your normal weight base on your height and body structure. More than that is already considered as obese. Aside from daily exercise, you have to maintain your daily intake ratio of foods. The fact is that we eat foods that we don’t know too much. We thought previously that they are good to our body but were not. Vegetable oils are not as good compared to olive, canola oil, and sunflowers oils. Also, we need to take more foods which are rich in fiber. Good source of this is fruit and vegetables. Avoid fatty foods like pork, beef and other live stocks. Substitute them with fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel. If you need extra protein then you can substitute meat with beans.

Above all be happy and contented. If your past is not worth remembering then let the bygones be bygones. Control your destiny, don’t let other dictates what you want to do in your life.

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