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What Causes Cancer

What Causes cancer

The number ONE killer in the United States is cancer (followed by Heart Disease & Stroke). Not all cancers are the same. 1/3 is curable. 1/3 is preventable. 2 factors of cancer that cannot be controlled are AGE & FAMILY HISTORY.

Smoking is very often the main cause of cancer. It kills us silently and drains money from us quietly. There are 4,000 harmful chemicals (though in diluted form) in one stick of cigarette. Taking one puff is 600 times worst than inhaling the exhaust fumes from vehicles.

2) Some food that cause cancer are:

 Barbecued Food
 Deep Fried Food
 Overheating Meat
 Food that is high in fat causes our bile to secrete acid that contains a chemical which is a promoter of cancer cells.
 Food that contains preservatives, too much salt or nitrates (e.g. canned food, Salted egg & veggies, sausages, etc.)
Overnight Rice (where Aflatoxin is accumulated)

 Food that is low in fiber: Our body needs 25 gm of both soluble & insoluble fiber daily. We must drink at least 1.5 liters of plain water a day.
Contaminated Food (e.g. molded bread causes our body to secrete toxins that may eventually lead to liver cancer in the long run. Never eat bread that is kept at room temperature for more than 2 days especially in a humid weather country.

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