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Cisco – a Network Solution

As an Electronic Engineer I am also interested in computer, internet and networking technology. I passed my CCNA certification of Cisco in 2003. Cisco has gone a long, long way from a simple network solution to much advance today, leading in all network solution company in the world. When you hear of routers, switch and some related equipment, first thing that will come to our mind is Cisco. They acquired other company like LinkSys and other small company.
They have a lot of service to offer today from data solution like router 2500 series and 1900 switch to name a few. They also have video and audio solution like video conferencing and telephony.
One of their products right now is Wifi
or wireless network solution which can connect your computer to the network without using those bundles of wires. You can see your office clean and classy. Aside from that there are times where you can’t use wire like for example in the mall or airport. Wireless solution is the best for places like those. Aside from that since it is a Cisco product, it is reliable and on top of the line. Wifi is a practical solution to your office whether it is big or small.
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