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Alcohol Addiction

Aside from smoking, alcohol addiction is one of the problems people are facing today. If you are not able to control your intake then you have a problem. Nobody can force you to reduce or increase your alcohol intake. The only person responsible or who could man is you, yourself.

Here are some guidelines if you drink:

1. You have to evaluate your life style like going to the bar and meeting with friends and who are your friends. Now you have to adjust if you believe that those acquaintances that you have are the culprits.

2. If you are drinker then do it for a reasons like a birthday celebration or a wedding, don’t do it like in your home for killing the time.

3. Drink slowly or make some gap in between like giving the glass to other before you. Don’t place a glass in your hand always as this will prompt you to drink fast.

4. Instead of just wine, order some foods to full your stomach.

5. Know your limitation before drinking. If you have some problem when drunk avoid being intoxicated.

6. If you really like drinking and no plan of quitting then I advice you to stop once in a while like one month in a year.

7. Finally if you want to stop drinking then you better sake help from counseling or doctor who is an alcohol addiction therapy. Doing it alone will not solve the problem. This is a battle between you and yourself.

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