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How I found My Sweetheart?

This is my love story. I met this lady in the beach two years ago in the Philippines. She was introduced to me by a friend. Actually we were just introduced and nothing else. Of course we became close friend but never blossom into love. Though I have a feeling towards her but during that time I have someone else. We shared the same interest and in short we have a rapport. The last time I saw her was when I went with her in the airport and wave goodbye. That was two years ago. In short we lost any contact and we went our own ways.

At present two months ago, I was fascinated with online dating or chatting in particular because it excites me, until I found eHarmony. I joined this dating website hoping that I will find my future partner. One of the advantages of this dating website is you can tailor your search to a certain area which you like. I don’t know if you will believe me but this is true. I saw a profile which I like most, not because it was will written but because it was very familiar with me, the punch line like “ I was been in that road before”, the phrase “come what may” and “ if you were in my shoes”. I was nervous at that time and could not sleep. It was a deja vu to me. Until I decided to contact that member and knew that it was here. In all places, I could not believe I found her again in cyberworld. Needless to say the world is getting smaller as the time goes by.

To all of you who are not yet able to find your mate and romance, don’t wait, look for it. She might be near in your area. Love is everywhere. For senior people go for senior dating website and I am sure there are lots of people the same with your age. I new that we people prefer with partner who is of the same faith, Christian dating website has many members whom you can choose.

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