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Avoid Shaking Hands as Much as Possible!

If you are a businessman or a celebrity you are most likely to shake or touch a hand than ordinary person. Shaking hand is a sign of welcome, friendship, greeting or respect. Every now and then you will be offered to shake hand or to embrace somebody. Friendly people received a lot of greeting from admirers or friends. I don’t know where it started but I did not bother also to make a research to where it originates. Most western people do it like in Europe and New World called America.
Shaking hands firmly will convey to him or her that you are sincere. It may convey different message depending on how firm and warm you accept others hand. Different countries, different greetings, like in Arab countries, their custom is to kiss your cheeks left and right. Of course this is man to man since you are not allowed to see their women. Doing this is a sign of brotherhood. In Pakistan you will see a man embracing his friend. In Japan you will see bowing each other as a greeting.
In United States shaking hands is the way of greeting, but do you think it is really necessary to do this? When I was eating in a restaurant, I happened to see a man washing his hands after using the urinal and since there is no soap or detergent, he just washed his hand with water and took his dry but used face towel to dry his hand and he was coughing so I presumed that he was suffering from fever and flu in a certain level. When he went out he met and asked a businessman to shake his hand. The man did it without a clue, after a week he got the influenza.
Shaking hands is one of the best ways to spread viruses and other contagious diseases. I think to bow like the Japanese is the best way of greetings. I am hoping that our government will impost the Japanese style of greeting.

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Anonymous said...

Since you are claiming you want to "educate" yourself, let me educate you on something that you should know:

In the Arab culture you CAN see the woman but can't touch her skin. That's why they don't shake the hand of a marriageable man (adult person who she can get married to if she is single). I find it very ignorant and strange that you claim that in the Arab culture you can't show the woman. That's straight up brain-washing by the media. Thanks for your time.

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