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Internet Café Business

Lately a lot of internet café are sprouting like mushrooms anywhere in the cities. It is a trend where you have a room with a lot of computers inside for rent and are connected to the internet ready to serve costumers for chatting, browsing websites and sending emails, just to name a few services it could offer. Somehow you have also to update or upgrade your system every now and then to be competitive.

Today you can have a very convenient way of using those computers without connecting them to server with wire. Wireless networking is now used in internet, and MeshAP 1100 Indoor has wide vicinity coverage with 25mW of RF signal. Wi-Fi is the name of that service and it cheap which you can offer to the customers as an option if they have laptop. This is good if your business is along the mall, airport or in the school.

ArrowSpan offer this kind of service globally. Their product is compatible and flexible, where it can be used in an existing networks or systems. Their router is self configuring and self healing wireless broadband. The deployment of this new product is really useful to small business like internet café. So if you plan to upgrade your network without throwing away the present network then go for Wi-Fi technology.

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