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Mutual Fund or Time Deposit?

As a child I was raised in suburb area. I am not aware of what will be my future when I grow up. I am always fascinated by the song popularized by Doris Day. Anyway I studied and left my beloved place to look for a greener pasture though I go back there from time to time. Nothing has changed to my place where I used to play hide and seek. I am so lucky that my vision during those childhood years was so different from those children around.

As a man away from business or illiterate from investment, I am not aware that there are many ways to gain financial freedom. I was thinking that to be rich was always hard work involve. Get your salary and put in the bank minus the 20% with holding tax and next month again. It paid off to read business magazines and reading some internet websites like Money and Fortune, you will learn a lot from these experts.

As they said “Time deposit should be used only to park your money but if you want to grow it much more, you need to place it in mutual fund investment." Just study the mutual fund company and the trend. Putting your money in the mutual fund for five years and more will surely gain better interest. Mutual Fund is managed by some individual who has a knack in stock market. Stock market is volatile, so leave it to the expert.

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