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Natural Ways to Lose Weight

Gaining weights is one of the problems our new generation is facing today. It is very alarming that three out of ten are considered obese. Being overweight can lead to complications of heart problem, hypertension, diabetes and etc.

Here are some guidelines to reduce your weight gradually and safely:

1. Discipline yourself.
Be very careful of what you eat. As much as possible train and educate your children about foods, like for example what they get of too much salt, sugar, carbohydrates and oil.
Lose Weight

2. Eat less but nutritious food.
When you eat, it is not the quantity but quality of the food. Is it nutritious? Are vitamins and minerals complete but moderate? Don’t escape meals. Drink a lot of water before you eat to feel full. Just avoid too much of alcohol, sugar, salt, oil and carbohydrates.

3. Go green.
Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. They have a lot of fiber to digest what you eat easily. According to WebMD.com drinking a glass of coffee can add fiber to your diet. Eat Healthy Food today.

4. As much as possible avoid pills.
A lot of celebrities died because of abusing drugs. They collapse and never recover. Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Billy Holiday, River Phoenix and recently Anna Nicole Smith have the same denominator: drug abuse. It is better to lose weight slowly but safely. This way you will have a lasting average weight because you done it with patience and discipline.

5. Play your favorite game.
Don’t do an exercise if you are doing it to lose weight. You will get bored and there is a big chance that you will return to your own old ways. Play with friends and walk instead of driving a car. Use steps instead of elevator. Keep yourself busy always like volunteering to your community. Clean your car if you have one. Gardening is also very fun and productive.

6. Avoid ready to eat food in your refrigerator.
Empty your refrigerator with junk foods, instead replace them with fruits, root crops and skim milk. Avoid red meat like beef, mutton and likes; replace them with white meat like chicken, turkey and deep sea fishes like tuna, salmon and mackerel. Avoid internal organs like liver, intestine and etc they have a lot of uric acid that will cause arthritis and rheumatism. By the way you can replace meat with beans if you need more protein.

7. Avoid eating in restaurant.
Limit yourself on eating outside of your home, if you are working outside or in the company where there is a temptation to eat with friends avoid it and tell them that you have your own lunch and you are on diet. Be frank, they will understand you. Eating outside is also expensive and you can accumulate or save money.

8. Avoid soft drinks and fast foods like fries and etc.
This one source of fat which I almost forget is in fact can give you more calories than some kind of foods that I mention. Fries absorb so much oil and with salt also. A cup of soft drink has a huge quantity of sugar content than what you know.

9. Consult a Nutritionist.
There are lots of good nutritionist around, don’t be ashamed to ask their expertise. They might surprise you. Sometimes we are not aware of what we are eating. It is usually the foods which we used to eat because those are foods which our parents used to serve us when we are toddlers.

10. Think positive.
Every endeavors needs patience and perseverance. As what the saying goes that even the strongest stone will decay through every drops of water on it as time passes by. A warrior needs to be wounded before he could become a fierce one. Losing weight is like going to school, it needs time and devotion before you could gain what you needed. Best of all pray to God Almighty and he will help you. You need not to have a beautiful body with youthful skin but with a sound heart and healthy disposition. Clean yourself physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

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