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Oatmeal - Rich in Fiber

please lower my cholesterolImage by marv117 via Flickr
There is an increasing consumption lately of oatmeal due to its health beneficial effects. A daily bowl consumption of oatmeal can lower blood cholesterol. You can cook it in anyway you want like porridge and bake it into cookies. Porridge can be flavored with salt, sugar, milk, butter and raisins.
This food is used by athletes and weight trainer as it slows digestion and maintains blood-glucose level.

Oatmeal can be used in gruel preparation, in can goods for creamier effect, food for the poultry, ingredients in baking, oatcakes, coating of Caboc Cheese and others foods preparations. So if you don’t like porridge then use or mix oatmeal in other food stuffs. It may reduce the risk of heart disease when combine with low fat diet because it has beta-glucan. USA and Australia are some of the biggest producers of Oatmeals.

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