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Oil, Silver, Gold and Lumber?

I have read an article about these four source of income in Daily Wealth website which the author delivered to me every other day. Honestly if you want to gain money in the long run, you must invest your money on the stocks which deal with these four products. Lately the price of oil double and it really affect around the world. Gold also has increased its value recently. So if you bought stocks which cater in these two products you end up a lot of money.

But a lot of people overlook silver and lumber which are also good investment. Silver right now is also in demand. Its yearly production could not sustain the yearly demand so it is also good to invest in this kind of metal. Lumber investment could be done by planting or through stock buying.
There is no other right time to invest on silver than right now. Monex Deposit Company is trusted on precious for more than 30 years. They offer silver in coin, bullion or ingots forms. The US government which has a large stock of silver on earth had dumped their billions ounces of silver in the world market effectively depressing the price. Right now the US government is a silver buyer.

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