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What you will do if you can’t pay your insurance policy completely?

Insurance is one of the best investments that you should have. Aside from your business and other tangible properties, insurance is an investment that can help you a lot during emergency time. There are lot of insurance around like life insurance, property insurance and etc.

But having insurance is also a serious matter especially if you are not rich or no permanent job. As an agent you must explain to your client the terms, benefits and rules in acquiring the policy. For example if you can’t fully pay the whole amount in five years what will happened to your contribution. Will you be able to recover your contribution?

Most of the costumer’s problem is paying their monthly premium. Some of them are not able to finish paying their contract amount so they end up selling their policy back to the issuing insurance company.
Endowment policy is a policy that insures the mortgage holder to be able to pay. But due to different reasons some of the holders could not pay and were forced to surrender their policy to the issuing insurance company for a small price.

To protect the consumers, the UK government in particular has a legislation informing the policy holder that they could sell their policy with higher price, around 35% more than the usual amount they could get when they sell it to the issuing insurance company. Though not all policy is desirable but at less they could find someone who need such policy and could raise the price. Sell endowment with the right and good competitive price!

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