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Where to invest in Real Estate?

Where to Invest in Real Estate? The best place to invest in Real Estate are they following location in your city or place.

1. Near the school will surely boost your rental if you have an apartment and boarding house.

2. Near the mall or big department store is also a good location for a real estate investment. People like to shop in a mall to see or buy something. There are more convenient shoppers in this place.

3. Near the public market and night life place lie bars. No need to explain about this.

4. If you have some information about zoning and where the development is heading go for it. The price of that property may soon rise in small span of time.

5. Near the hospital and near to the working place area. People specially if they are employed will prepare place near to their working place.

By the way make a good deals and be sure of the land title. Consult an expert on this.

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