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Beauty and the Bees

Honeys are so popular when beauty and wellness is the main topic. Well, we can't deny that a lot of diseases are cured by this wonderful small insects who are tireless and busy doing their job everyday. Honeys are from bees who collect nectar from the blooming flowers in the garden or mountain.

Not all bees produce honey but few. They can either be cultured or wild. They are originally from South East Asia including the Philippines. Honeys are collected by the army or workers of the bee hives. Queen's duty is to lay thousand of eggs and stay in the hive.

Bees are very useful for plant pollination aside from the winds and other agent of pollination. They produce honey, wax, pollen and Propolis. These product is very useful to human as it helps or aid in health and other cosmetics purposes.

There are lot of researched and finding that proves bees products are very useful to human kind not only for beauty but for health aids and remedies. It is antibacterial and good for cough and skin care.

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