I randomly write any topic about health here which I find interesting and informative. Wealth topic is also published here so that you will get some ideas on how to earn money too. Health and Money Awareness are my objectives in writing in this blog.

Blogger's Choice Awards

If you are an actor, the best reward you want to get is an acting award after the talent fee, right? If you are a writer you are most likely be happy if you will receive recognition from award giving body. We all need it to showcase our credibility and expertise. Every field of discipline has it, award. When you are still in school your dream is to get a medal like what I dreamed too but unfortunately I did not receive any though I am not a loser. I passed my licensee and got a good job offer.

Three years ago out of curiosity I happened to sign for a blog. I heard a buzz about blogging I never dream of having one because I only want to learn how to make a website for my site which is all about money matters. I post sometime in this blog but very seldom. Once or twice a month, but sometimes none. My dream now is to receive blog awards because it will prove your expertise in writing and also your technical aspect. Even a runner up will do. Aside from that it will increase traffic to your blog. I have a hard time improving my ranking due to the fact that I only rent my Internet connection and it is very expensive here to subscribe so don't have a time to search for a link swap.

Last year my friends won a blog award in their country as best in design. If you are interest visit and register in blog awards and cast your vote.

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