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Condo is the Best Investment

condo is the best investment
Condo is one of the best Real Estates Investment today. Out of ten people, eight will prefer to stay in condo than having a house in suburban. One of the reasons is due to workplace accessibility of the tenant or the house owner. If you stay far from your work place it will cost you too much for fares and foods because you have to eat outside.

Real Estate Investing is more secured than investing in stock market. Real Estate is tangible and you can leverage it compared to stock market or mutual fund. Based on survey, the value of real estate will double in two to three years if you can buy one in a strategic location. Location is very important in Real Estate. Zoning also is very important because you might lost some part of your land in road widening.

To avoid some of these problems it is better to buy a condo unit which is near to your working place and accessible to the market, mall and hospital. This is a sure profit for you and you are inside the city.

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