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Diet Motivation

Problem with diet is that it is like a yo-yo situation where you lose weight and gain back again. It is really very hard to follow a diet if you are not used to and no nutritionist who will guide you. It would take some expert to do the math.
Temptation to foods in the fridge is sometimes the cause. Bored of eating the same vegetables and foods is also a reason.

Here are some advices from the expert which I tend to agree:
1.0 You should make a realistic goal when to lose those bulging fats in your body.
2.0 Go slow. This is a safe way to lose weight. Don't rush to lose weight, it might cause you your health. A lot of people found dead because of pills and other short cut weight lose program. one to two pounds a week is healthy.
3.0 Expect a setbacks. We are not perfect and we have different body metabolism so don't expect that we gain weight a little but be patient and continue your program. You will gain confidence on it later on.
4.0 No one is perfect remember that always. The important thing is you are still doing it.
5.0 Do it with your friends. This will eliminate your boring moment. It is also a bonding plus you will learn new things from each others. You might engage in games or business, a lot of opportunities will arise.
6.0 I have mention patient many times here. No need to elaborate.
7.0 Reward yourself. Eat a lot of chocolates!!! No, I am just joking. Celebrate it of course with light foods and some extra activities.
8.0 Maintain it. What I mean is to maintain your lifestyle and never go back to your old habits of eating unhealthy foods and exercise regularly.

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