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Fasting is Healthy

Last week was holy week for us Christians as we celebrate the death and Resurrection of Christ. Actually not only us but Muslims have their own fasting too during Ramadan. Now the question is " Is Fasting Healthy"? My answer to this is yes. Honestly this year I was not able to fast due to the reason that I live in Muslim community and it slipped from my mind, when I knew it, it was too late. Almost every year I do my share of fasting to celebrate this important season for us. I usually don't eat meat for 40 days and nights starting from ash Wednesday up to Good Friday.

Some people will not eat foods and drink water but my version is different, I only eat vegetables and light meals. It actually deprived you from fatty foods and junk foods as most of us are fun of eating. I also stay away from parties and other human activities. Some people are celebrating this season in opposite as you could see a lot of people partying in the beach and dancing in disco house. These are ridiculous activities which I think is intolerable.

Fasting in holy week is to make you remind of what is the past. This practice is already centuries years old.

Fasting is part of cleansing our body once in a year, it is not only for our bodies but for our souls.

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