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I read an article about foods that could help you lose weight in WebMD.com. One of them is beef, aside from sardines, and fruit. First I did not believe it because in my hometown most common cause of death is hyper tension due to meat. Soon when was mulling, I realized that maybe the cause of death was pork meat not beef as I suspected. Lifestyle in my hometown is more on eating fatty foods like grill pork and local wine not mentioning the fiestas from town to town.

Beef is good in diet if the cow is fed with green grass because it has omega-3 in it. So be sure to look for a cows meat who are eating green grass not commercial feeds. Also look for a lean meat, less fats. People from Mediterranean area are beef eaters but they have a less casualty in terms of heart related diseases. They also indulged in red wine. Take note "red wine".

Beef is my favorite viand. In fact today I cook beef with cauliflower and broccoli. I also loved BBQ flavors, hot and spicy and also smoked beef. Beef straight rfom the farm is tastier because it is fresh. Also go for organic meat.

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