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Gray Hair

I have notice that as of today I have a gray hair which of course can be counted. I am so embarrass about this because my brother who is now 45 years old has no gray hair yet. Well, you can't turn back the time but now a days there are lot of ways to maintain that block look in your hair. Some people are just fortunate to have those great hair. Maybe it is hereditary or maybe because of the foods we eat. No one knows also for sure what is the cause of graying hair but I heard it is cause by lack of vitamin K? Check this out if it is true.

But still I am lucky to have hair rather than going bald, right? This problem can easily be remedied by buying a dye. Hehehe! Problem is solved and forever young again even though you are old. I like that song of Barry Manillow. By the way I would not recommend any dye product brand because we have different types of hair. You can do it now in your own room and away from embarrassment. Good luck and be proud of your hair.

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