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How to prevent spamming and hacking?

I will share to you some of my basic knowledge in computer, Internet in particular. I have been doing online business since 1999 and spent money through credit card. I have three email addresses also and joined a lot of mailing list or forums and etc.

Regarding spam
I would say that to avoid it do not use your personal email address when joining a group or signing in other website, instead use an email which is not important to you.

When you receive an email which you are not sure or not in your address list, ignore it, don't click the links or better don't open it. By doing so you are giving them a legal permission to be spammed.

Report that spam email to your email provider to filter it out, when it tries to send email to you again it will be blocked or worse the owner will be suspended.

Hacking Is Dangerous
It is done by collecting your personal information like credit card number and so on. Don't give your data online and look for site where there is a padlock logo and SSL. They are safe. Spy ware is common now in the Internet so be careful doing a transaction online. Install anti-virus, anti spy ware and firewall in your PC to detect viruses and spy ware. Internet security is not just using one software but all. Outpost firewall is one of them which you can install in your personal PC.

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