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How to save money using your Common Sense?

I read these tips and I want to share it with you in my own words to avoid plagiarism.
Here they are:
1.0 When you shop don't buy in one store only. There are items which are cheaper in other store too.
2.0 Don't shop if you are hungry or under pressure, like you are in a hurry.
3.0 Plan your shopping with complete listing of items.
4.0 Try shopping without the kids.
5.0 Be aware of the items placement. Easy to get, more expensive items.
6.0 Don't be picky in terms of brand, try a new one. Like oats is oats regardless of brand.
7.0 Read local newspaper if you have to spot stores who offer discounts and garage sales.
8.0 Use a coupons to purchase. According to survey in the book "Millionaire Next Door" 80% of them used coupons to purchase so don't be embarrassed.
9.0 Take an opportunity for almost expire product, they will sell them cheap but use them quickly too.
10.0 Ask for a receipt when you buy, error can save you money too.
11.0 Bring a handy calculator to monitor your expenses.
12.0 Products that are sold in pharmacies are expensive in grocery store.
More tips next time.

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