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How to spot a liar?

I have a lot of experiences about lying. There is a saying that "promise is made to be broken". Well, this phrase sounds true to me. Lying once is lying all the time as what a lawyer said to me. Many bosses or friends are promising something to you like a raise or giving a favor but did you have any experience with him before that will think you twice whether he is serious or can keep his promise? How many times did he lie to you? Once, twice or many times? My teacher said that if your boss when you are employed in the future who can't keep his words then it is time to look for another job. It is a waste of time staying in that company uncertain.

Liars previous statement will not agree to his new statement. I happened to met a woman who can act as if she is not hiding something, if not of the tape conversation that I heard that she was there talking, I might believe her. Some people are so good in it that you can't detect that they are lying. They have already acquired this personality mask on them. Beware of talkative people, they are good at it, but not all.

This is one of the unhealthy habits which you should avoid. Living in the world of lies is of course bad.

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