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Ten simple things to save our Mother Earth

How to protect earth

Ten simple things to save our Mother Earth:

1. Use a glass when brushing your teeth. Every year, billions of liters of fresh water are wasted by simply not using a glass when brushing your teeth.

2. Don’t use straws. They say the straw is the most stupid invention. They are unnecessary and only add to our waste problem.

3. Say NO to plastics when shopping. Bring your own reusable bags when doing your grocery, or when buying single items like books or cd’s, a plastic bag, or even a paper bag is unnecessary.

4. Turn off the lights. When there is ample daylight or when no one is in the room. You not only save on electricity, you also lower temperature as light gives off heat.

5. Walk. Take the stairs. Or car pool or take public transportation. You not only lower your carbon gas emissions, you are also doing your heart good when you walk regularly.

6. Unplug cell phone chargers after use. As well as all unused electronic appliances. Some appliances use more electricity even when not in use. Microwave oven with timers uses more electricity on standby mode the entire day than when you cook dinner with it.

7. Use both sides of the paper. And make sure to recycle it after. You not only lessen your wastes but you also help stop the unnecessary cutting of more trees.

8. Turn off the shower when soaping. And make sure to avoid long and frequent showers. Showering three times a day not only uses precious fresh water but also creates more wastewater that goes into our rivers and lakes. It dries your skin too.

9. Never burn anything. Burned resources are lost forever. Burning also releases harmful substances into the atmosphere. Reduce and reuse always. Compost and recycle what you can.

10. Tell your friends about this. Spread the word, and together we can make a difference.

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