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What are the pros and cons of Immigrating to Canada?


I have been dreaming of going to Canada because my country could not offer me a better future. I have more than 6 friends there and it seems they are okay and fine. They always encourage me to be there because they said that I could survive or something to that effect. Right now I am employed with good salary here in the Middle East. Is Canada right for me? I don't know.

Here are some points which they said is the advantages of going to Canada.
1.0 They said that you are free to educate your children up to high school.
2.0 Free Medical treatment.
3.0 They will provide you some financial support if you could not land a job.
4.0 You can work anywhere in the world if you are Canadian Citizen and retain it.
5.0 You are sure of retirement pension.
6.0 It is easy to go to the USA.
7.0 Canada is more stable and peaceful.
These are just a few of the pros they said to me. By the way, there is no racial discrimination. LOL

Cons or the disadvantages:
1.0 Taxes are too high, almost 30% from your salary.
2.0 If you are employed you pay taxes which will also use for the nonemployed individuals who will receive retirement benefits.
3.0 A lot of professionals landed in menial jobs like janitors and sweepers.
4.0 Second class citizen.
5.0 Very Cold and the seniors are usually leaving for another country.
6.0 These country is raking money through immigrant promising a better future.
7.0 You have no right to vote.

Some of the issues here are the difficulties in processing your application even if you are good in English. You usually will not apply your profession. The best way to clarify any doubt or problem in immigrating to Canada is to consult a layer.
The Vancouver immigration lawyer is complete with a lot of well-experienced lawyers and has been in the business for a while.

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