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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

There' is probably no single answer as to what causes
breast cancer, and it is reported that as many as 60%
of breasts, cancers develop without any known risk factors.
When breast cancer is caught in the very early stages-
when it has not invaded nearby tissues- the cure rate is
near 100% with surgery alone.

The connection between exercise and cancer is a fairly new area of research. some
studies suggest that getting regular exercise in youth might
give life-long protection against breast cancer. Even moderate
physical activity as an adult can lower breast cancer risk.
Relaxation techniques such as writing, meditation, yoga,
or massage therapy can aid in battling breast cancer.

There is a clear link between alcohol consumption and an increased
risk of breast cancer. Early or prolonged use of permanent dark
hair dyes has been linked with breast cancer. low levels of
vitamin B-12 have been linked to an increased of breast cancer.
What to do to somehow prevent getting breast cancer:
Drink herbal teas like bilberry, burdock root, ginger, green tea
and red clover instead of regular tea. Garlic-cancer preventing
nutrient. Gingko Biloba-enhances circulation and brain function.
Include soy foods in your diet. Diet high in fibers; apples, cherries,
grapes, plums and all types of berries. Limit your intake of fatty,
charred, grilled foods which have been linked with a high risk of

Make a daily juice using a combination of fresh broccoli,
cauliflower, carrots, kale, dark leafy green vegetables and an
apple. these are high in phytochemicals and help to combat
breast cancer. Eat onions and garlic. Be sure to consume organically grown foods. Pesticides and other chemicals have been
linked to breast cancer. Do not take supplements containing iron.
Iron may be used by tumors to promote their growth. If you consume
meat, poultry and dairy products, select organic, hormone- free

Otherwise, these foods often contain residues of estrogenic
hormones that are given to animals in order to promote growth. Well-
done meat has been linked to a higher risk of breast cancer in some
studies. Unsweetened low-fat yogurt is an acceptable source of protein.
Do not consume any alcohol, caffeine, junk foods, processed refined
foods, saturated fates, salt, sugar, or white flour.
Cancer of the breast is the most common cancer among women
like prostate cancer in men.

For women, my advice is to have a
mammogram. Mammograms can detect small tumors and breast
abnormalities up to two years before they can be felt when they
are most treatable. It should be scheduled within the 1st fourteen
days of your menstrual cycle when the breasts are less likely
swollen. You should not use any antiperspirant, deodorant, or powder
on the day of the test, as it can interfere with the reading.

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