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Breast Reduction

A lot of guys like to date ladies with big bumper(breast) but not all. Big boobs like the boobs of Anna Nicole Smith does not look nice to me. This is not exclusive to ladies only but with some guys also. No offense please.

Here are some reasons why you should undergo a breast reduction operations:
1.0 If you have chronic back, neck and shoulder pain.
2.0 Poor posture.
3.0 skin rash under the breasts.
4.0 Restricted levels of activities.
5.0 Self-esteem problems.
6.0 Difficulty wearing bras or fitting clothes.
7.0 Deep grooves in the shoulder as a result of wearing bras.

Don't do the operation if you are under 20 years old. This will also affect if you are breast feeding.

Look for a certified clinic to do the operation.
There are lots of risks like bleeding and reaction to anesthesia.
1.0 Inability to breastfeed.
2.0 Lost of sensation in the nipples.
3.0 Altered image and adjustment to new appearance.
4.0 Asymmetry in sizes that will result to another operation.

Los Angeles breast reduction is the best clinic for this operation. They have track records to support their claims.

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