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Seduce a Celebrity

I am not against celebrities but this show is I think one of the reality show on Earth. There are lot of people around there who are hungry to see a famous actors in personal. I just hope these will not turn out to be something fishy! Hehehe. I am also a fan of some good actor in Hollywood and in our local show business. It is naive to ignore celebrities because they have the voice and a lot of people look at them and model from them

Although Seduce a Celeb is an online first! The online audience actually becomes part of the program through the submission of user videos. This is exciting and I hope the winners are deserving and fit to meet the celebrity who is featured here. By the way I will submit a video of myself and maybe who knows I will win and head on to meet my favorite Mirelly Taylor.

Free videos at GoFish.com are available for us to see and scan. Feel free to watch them.

Mirelly Taylor is hot. I wish I will win the contest so I could date her personally. I like Latin American. They are beautiful. My friend married a girl from El Salvador and they have now a cute eleven months old angel. I read her bio and she comes from Mexico and with one brother and one sister.

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Sir Edward. Salamat sa pagbisita sa among gamayng payag. No problem sa link exchange. We've linked you already. Thanks!

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