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Credit card pros and cons

Credit card can be an advantage or disadvantage to you. There are many people who complained that using a credit card have buried them on debts. Well, this true and depending how you will use it or how will you control yourself in using credit card.

In my personal experience, I have done both like it helps me and it destroyed my financial life. Once in my life I have a lot of debts to pay and I really had a hard time paying it. I lost my cellphone, my ring, and etc. just to pay my credit. This is really very difficult when you don't have control of yourself like shopping to the max and relying on your card. Don't shop when you don't have planned to buy. Shopaholic is really painful at the end. Plan everything and make a list.

It helps me during emergency when you don't have cash. Admitting to the hospital without money on your hand can be dangerous now a days. Credit Card is very important indeed. The Thrifty Scot is one of the bank offering a good term for Credit Card.

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