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Filipinos Favorite answer to American Embassy Interview

I have something to share you about US Embassy interviews for Filipinos who want to apply as tourist or immigrant to USA. A lot of us Filipinos want to go to America believing that America is country of milk and honey. We always say that USA is the land of greener pasture. A lot of Filipinos will do anything just to go there like getting married to American, applying as tourist, some prepared money for interview and some are petition by their relatives.

But the common answer to interview is "I want to see Disneyland". This sentence is used a thousand times by applicants who want to go to USA as a tourist and later on apply as US citizen. Some maybe true but not all. Anyway my friend was serious when he said it and got a multiple visa entries. It's all up to you. Just be natural and relax when answering question.

When you are in Florida you can get ticket online via Disney World Tickets. They have complete tickets available for fun like ridings and other them of the Disney World. This will thrill you to the maximum and will never forget this experience. This is one of my favorites treat to myself.

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