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four people who will answer this tag

Here are the best of four in my life:

Regarding jobs, my first four are:
1.0 Electronic and Communication Engineering- of course this is my number one choice because it is my course and I passed the board examination.
2.0 Network Engineering as in Cisco networking( I am a CCNA certified)
3.0 Audio/Video System Integration- this is my first job.
4.0 Telecommunication Technology- this is my second job and will be my next job hopefully.

My favorite local places in the Philippines:
1.0 Cagayan de Oro City- our provincial Capital with friendly people and with panoramic views.
2.0 Gingoog City- Never heard? That's my city with a lot of fruits and winding sea shores plus 36 waterfalls to boast for. By the way we have Jollebee there already. Our favorite viand is Beef Steak and stew.
3.0 Buracay of course is my hang out place with my friends from Canada and Australia.
4.0 Cebu City- This place is like Manila with no traffic. I graduated there in CIT. Cebu is Cebu and I have a residential lot there already.

My favorite Foods:
1.0 I am into vegetables right now like steam tender leaves of sweet potatoes, fried water cabbages and I feast on fruits.
2.0 I ate these before but for sometimes I still eat them now, fried chicken and roasted pig.
3.0 Paella so delectable and succulent.
4.0 Bulalo- no need to explain.

My first four favorite international place.
1.0 Hong Kong
2.0 Philippines
3.0 Switzerland
4.0 Canada

Four people who will answer this tag
My Australian friend Kim
A Dubai Base blogger Buddy
One of the best Philippines bloggers Selaplana
A Saudi base blogger with credibility, my all time favorite Manuel

OK.. the rule of this meme is simple, just give your 1,2,3 4's in life like what I've done above or you may add a description whatever you want. The last category which is the "four people who will answer this tag" as the category implies must create a post and list up their 4's in life and please don't forget to mention anchored in http://eduardo-castro.blogspot.com "Health and Wealth" blog anywhere in your tag response.

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Lestat_M said...

Hi Ed,.. thanks for answering my tag.

Your 4's in life are interesting... by the way I'm also an Electronics and Comm. engineer...

Kim said...

hi Edward
thanks for the tag....and I'll get onto it asap...

Ofwempowerment said...

1) Disc Jockey in a sing a long club in Makati
2) Para Legal Officer in a Law Firm in Makati
3) Sales Coordinator in Jeddah, KSA
4) Present Job: Administrative Officer

Favorite Local Place:
1) Nasipit Agusan Del Norte-My Hometown
2) Anda, Bohol-My Ancestral town
3) Baguio City
4) Cebu City particularly my residential place Lapu Lapu City

Favorite Foods:
1) S-hoot To K ill - S for Sinugba,
2) T for Tinola
3) K for Kinilaw
4) Law-oy (hope you know what is Law-oy)

Favorite Int'l Place:
1) Saudi ARabia- no traffic
2) San Diego U.S.A. - never been there but my sis told me its a great place, someday i'll knock on her door.
3)Singapore-never been there but they said its a clean country, no pollution, no basura, etc. Hope to be there next year.
4) Hong Kong- Been there once at the airport.

4 People who will answer this tag. My favorite bloggers
1) Entrepinoys
2) A blogger Councilor
3) A lawyer and a blogger-my townmate
4) A lawyer and a blogger-My favorite Blawger

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