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My Credit Card

I was thinking many times whether I would get one credit card for myself. I read a lot of investments books saying the pros and cons of having one. As I weighed before, I opted not to get one as I thought that there were lot of disadvantages than advantages of having a credit card. Until I experienced one incident that change my decision.

Credit card can be a friend too not a foe. In times of emergency it is very useful. When you don't have cash and you are to be admitted in hospital, the doctors will not be reluctant to entertain you. My advice is to have one for emergency and control your urge in spending or using your card.

Now if you have one already and not satisfied with the terms have credit card balance transfer to your new credit card. Shop around and compare the benefits which fits to your need. Some of the credit card providers are lowering their charge too so don't miss it.

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credit card can be useful in times of emergency..keep that in mind,

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