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Simple Saving Tips

There are lots of ways to save money everyday day.
This is where a lot of people missed. Even in your daily expenses you can cut or save money.

Here are my tips:
1.0 As much as possible don't eat outside your house or don't eat in the restaurant.
2.0 Buy a white color car instead of black. This may reduce your Air conditioning consumption.
3.0 Walk if the destination is near.
4.0 Avoid shopping every day. List all your need in a week before going to the market.
5.0 Recycle your left over like fry it with eggs and hot dog in the morning.
6.0 Pack your lunch at home.
7.0 Recycle your plastics and others like use it as a pot for your flowers or small trees.
8.0 Avoid junk food, aside from expenses, it is also bad for your health.
10.0 Use coupons if available. There are a lot of them in the newspapers and websites today. These online coupons codes are easy to download. Like for example if you buy health products in GNC, use coupons, they have a lot of discounted products like a bottle of vitamins and minerals. CouponChief.com are the best source of coupons online.
11.0 If possible stop smoking and drinking alcohol. You will get nothing out of them.
12.0 Wear generic clothes but comfortable. Buy only twice a year if possible.
13.0 Close your water faucet if not used. When washing utensils use a basin and apply them with soap.
14.0 Stop using clothes dryer if is summer and you are not in a hurry. Hang them outside.
15.0 Buy seasonal vegetables, they are cheap and full of vitamins and minerals.
16.0 Buy fish like sardines, they are cheap too and can help reduce weight according to studies.
17.0 Buy fruits too instead of can goods and process food. They are cheap and free from chemicals.
18.0 Borrow newspaper instead of buying or you can swap them with your friends.
19.0 Spend vacation once a year or don't spend vacation if you enjoy your work.
20.0 Manage your money and investment it wisely.

There are lots of other tips to save money. If you have some, share it with me okay?

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Lestat_M said...

thanks for sharing your saving tips..
If you have time please visit http://ofwlayf.blogspot.com I've made a meme post and selected you as one of my blogger friend.. hope you will drop by.. and join the fun.. thanks and regards,

Jason Tan said...

Wow.. very good tips. I'm into teaching ppl about financial literacy and how to have income by not having a job. What you share is something valueble but I think in order to win the money game, you must focus more on how to win and not how not to lose. Saving is important, but buying asset and investment is much more important.

Anyway you might find this interesting, it's a interview http://www.studyofgettingwealthy.com/interview.html
It inspired me about how to build a blueprint and accelerate myself to wealth. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed your blog.

Now I have a few more tips to teach others. :)

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