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Some ways to handle stress

It is common to feel stressed-out or under pressure, especially as a teenager. Not only is your body changing quite rapidly, but many teens have the pressures of doing well in school , fitting in with your friends, and dealing and meeting your own expectations as well as your parents. Although your situation and stress will change over time, stress and tension will most likely occur in certain situations for the rest of your life. With the proper skills you can manage stress and even use it to your advantage.

Some ways to handle stress:

  • Talk about it with someone who cares (friends, peer counselor, parent, teacher, doctor, guidance counselor). Feel your feelings(Crying is an emotional release)
  • Do an enjoyable activity (hang out with friends, take a bath, talk on the phone, listen to the radio, write in journal, take a nap, watch TV)
  • Exercise and eat right.
In addition to handling your stress in positive ways, many people use relaxation techniques to manage stress. Try these:
Deep Breathing This will helps you concentrate on your breathing and can help to calm down a person under stress.
Don't go into drugs and alcohol, these will lead to your downfall.

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