I randomly write any topic about health here which I find interesting and informative. Wealth topic is also published here so that you will get some ideas on how to earn money too. Health and Money Awareness are my objectives in writing in this blog.

The three things I love Most

The 3 movies I love most are

1.0 Indiana Jones

2.0 Harry Potter

3.0 Lord of the Ring

The 3 sports I love most are

1.0 Chess

2.0 Swimming

3.0 Mountain Climbing

The 3 Foods I love Most are

1.0 Fried Chicken

2.0 Beef Steak

3.0 Vegetables with broccoli and parsley

Three Books I love Most are

1.0 Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hills

2.0 Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert (I don't know the last name)

3.0 Don't Sweat the Little Stuff

Three places I love to visit are
1.0 Canada
2.0 USA
3.0 Switzerland

Three Things I Love to Do are
1.0 Blog
2.0 Traveling
3.0 Reading Investment books

Three Things I love in Lake trees are
1.0 Beautiful Blog
2.0 The Owner Kim is an artist with lot of painting entries in her Blog.
3.0 She is very professional which I feel ashamed of delaying this entry.

I am tagging these blogs:
1.0 All About Finding Health, Wealth and Happiness A blog introducing myself and my business, ABC Health, plus great products, resources and information that myself and the other people with like interests who have joined me on this journey have found, that are helping us all to develop a brand new, stress free, fun and richly rewarding lifestyle.
2.0 Healthy.Lifestyle
Is about health and lifestyle to its best.
3.0 You've Got It
as a thoughts of mine to help someone in health, pc enthusiasts, short stories, music lover and tutorials.

Health and wealth topic.

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