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American Express gives $250.00 bonus

Hustlermoneyblog has an article about credit card and it is huge. American Express offer a $250.00 bonus for your first purchased and you can redeem it as airline tickets anywhere in USA or if you don't like that round trip ticket you can get a gift certificate and use it for buying in the store such as Home Depot, Gap, Blockbuster, Barnes & Noble, Banana Republic, and so on.

Credit card bonus is also a 25,000 points and as I mention can be used in purchasing a round trip ticket in USA. The $150.00 will be waive in the first year. Now if you change your mind you can cancel your card without any fees which I am sure you will not.

American Express Business Gold is another offer from American Express which you can apply online. See the term before you fill up the form.

Apply right away and don't miss this rare opportunity. Avail the $250.00 bonus and enjoy the trip.

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