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Anti-virus Installation

This afternoon I installed an anti-virus Norton 2006. It took me around thirty minutes to finish the installation and I used it as soon as I finished the installation. My friends told me that it is very convenient and fast but to my surprise my laptop went very slow like a snail. I was really disappointed about this anti- virus. Believe me my laptop has no such program but until now there is no virus in it. Anyway I am not fun of downloading softwares or any files like Mp3 or any video scandals hehehehe.

After three hours I removed the anti-virus software and come what may. I might look for other anti-virus that will not affect the speed of my laptop performance. Using anti-virus and anti spyware is a must but as I weighed I don't need these two softwares because I don't download anything from the net and I don't used my laptop for business transaction online.

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