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A Basket of Vegetables

This afternoon the technicians who fixed our companies HVAC pay a visit to our villa. They are nice people who happened to be a born again Christians. I chose them because I believed in their ability and capacity to fix these stuffs. One of them is a product of Xavier University in our province and that school is known for their quality students.

They brought as a basket of vegetables like string beans, squash, eggplants, tomatoes, garlic, okra and jute leaves. I was flattered because these vegetables are planted by them in their own garden. Here you need to give extra care for the plants or vegetables to grow well.

It is a fact here that a lot of expatriates are suffering from hypertension due to unhealthy diet like eating too beef meat and poultry. Last month I heard that one Filipino was admitted to the ICU because of hyper tension. He never recovered and his wife plan to resign as a nurse and will bring him home in the Philippines.

Healthy foods are green and yellow. Vegetables and fruits are good source of fiber and nutrition. Planting vegetables can help your wallet and of course it is also a recreation to unwind and forget your home sickness from being far away from home.

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