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Building trust is very important

This morning my friend called me up. He needs to come to my house to get his things and he said that he brought something like fruits and vegetables. I said that some of my peers working in our company are there so just leave the fruits and vegetables because I am away for a day. I sense that there is a hesitation in his voice so I understand what he meant. I responded that they can be trusted and those things will reach to me.

Today you can only count in your ten fingers people you can trust. Trust is one of the must important in business world. Without trust you will never succeed in any field.

People will buy things from you if they trust you. They will patronize your product if they feel that you are serious about your business and you are good to them. If you promise a thing, then do it. Never fail your commitment and compromise. If you could not make it then tell them, so they will not expect too much from you.

Some of the businessmen are very successful because they always care and love their customers. They have ears that will listen. Business is like building bridges instead of wall. You will never be successful by doing it alone; you need helps from friends and people around you. The more people you influence the more successful you become. So help others by teaching what you learned in business and investing. Remember what you sow is what you will reap.

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