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Can Exercise Beat Depression?

Many depress people are using anti-depressant pills to cure depression. Do you think it is safe? As we knew any pills or drugs are having their side effect no matter how much the doctors and the pharmacist tell us that they are safe. Most of the side effect is immunity to the drugs and dizziness to name a few.

There is another alternative to remove depression like exercise. You should choose exercise which you enjoy doing like running, playing basketball or lawn tennis. Have a friend or relative to make it more fun.

According to study, exercise has the same effect as anti depressant drugs. And it is safe and fun. So if you have this problem it is now time to switch to exercise and do it at least 3 hours a week. Lower that this has no effect to your depression. Aerobics is also recommended. No body knows or sure why doing this will eliminate depression, maybe your body release some chemical which is beneficial to your body.

Before taking pills please talk to your doctors for an advice.

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