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Consult a doctor before dieting

Whether you want to lose weight for beauty or for health reason you need to consult a doctor. Here is why you should consult a doctor. Death happened to those people who do not consult the doctor because they might have some health problem. How long it will take to diet and what is the ideal weight for you. Remember not all are equal in weight; height will also be the bases of weight for each of us.

Here are some disadvantages of dieting:
• Dieters often experience physical consequences such as: loss of muscular strength and endurance
• Decreased oxygen utilization
• Thinning hair
• Loss of coordination
• Dehydration and electrolyte imbalances
• Fainting, weakness, and slowed heart rates
• Dieting also impacts your mind. When you restrict calories you restrict your energy, which in turn can restrict your brainpower.
• Medical studies indicate that people on diets have slower reaction times and lesser ability to concentrate than people not on diet.
• All of the stress and anxiety about food and weight that preoccupy dieters actually can consume a portion of a dieter’s working memory capacity.
• Numerous studies link chronic dieting with feelings of depression, low-self-esteem and increased stress.
• Dieting can lead to an eating disorder.
• Many studies and many health professionals note that patients with eating disorders were dieting at the time of the development of their eating disorder.
• Dieting may not cause an eating disorder, but the constant concern about body weight and shape, fat grams and calories can start a vicious cycle of body dissatisfaction and obsession that can lead all too quickly to an eating disorder.

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