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Easy way to become a USA Citizen

Becoming an American Citizen is not easy now a day. There are lot of criteria to become one. It takes a lot of courage to apply only to realize that you will be denied. You need to have a relatives there and some of the ways to become eligible is to marry an American Citizen.

My friend was force to marry an old American to become American Citizen. She did it even if she doesn't have a feeling towards the old guy. It takes ten years for my cousin to go there. He was petitioned by his mother and he visited the embassy many times before he was approved.

There is a simple way to escape such hardship like entering into green card lottery. This is done every year and the lucky winner will have a chance to go to America and will be legalize and can work there and become an American Citizen. He can get all privileges as if he was naturally born there. All the benefits and any government services will be available to him.

So why not take a chance to fill up the form and who knows you name will be selected.

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