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Eat or not to Eat Pork

Eating pork is forbidden for Muslims, Christians and Jews. You can read it in old testament but the Christians misinterpret it. We Christian think that it is already permitted by Jesus to eat pork.

Eating pork is not healthy because the meat has a lot of toxins, germs and worms. Pig like human are also vulnerable to Influenza. Pig is very dirty because it eats garbage, shit, dead animals and etc. It is a scavenger animal. In my town, number one cause of death is hypertension which is the result of eating pork.

Pig also applies for being lazy, greedy, dirty and etc. which when you got mad, you will call your foe or enemy a pig.

Our body needs protein but you can substitute it with fish like tuna and salmon. If you could not eat those fish go for beans.

But even if it is not advisable to eat pork, don't hate pig because they are Gods creation and maybe there is a purpose why exist in this world.

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